Custom Lakefront Homes


Better Lakeside Living with a Beautiful Lakefront Home

Given that we're a general contractor, our work encompasses a variety of custom residential and commercial projects. All building projects require an extensive knowledge of the surroundings they're built in. This especially rings true with our specialty - lakefront homes.

Some contractors will tell you anyone can build on a lake. They're wrong. Lakefront builds can be far more challenging than building in a subdivision. First there are the technical aspects:

  • For one thing, you're often working on a lot that's narrow and irregularly shaped, with widely variant shifts in elevation. That can make it extremely hard to achieve the goal of maximizing a home's footprint.
  • The close proximity of neighboring homes also can present problems - as can lakefront soil conditions, issues of drainage, and difficult terrain.
  • Then consider the aesthetic concerns that lakefront homes present. They don't really have backsides. They have two fronts - the side that faces the lake, and the side faces the road. Both must be inviting and visually pleasing. Both must have "curb appeal."

Rest assured, we understand the complexities of lakefront building and know how to address them. That's been our forte from the start.

Ask us for design help to incorporate a custom deck, or to renovate your existing lakefront home into what you imagine it could be. We will be glad to offer design/build recommendations and present options to make your plans a reality. You will have our full attention at every point of the building process.

Proudly serving Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio waterfront home owners. Contact Opus Signature Homes and let us help you realize the custom home of your dreams.

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